The Accidental Spy

The Accidental Spy

Directed by Teddy Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Min Kim, Eric Tsang
Rating: ******

No, he does not have amnesia.
This is not one of Jackie’s better films.
You can miss it and it won’t make any difference,
Were it not for two exceptional scenes,
And these two scenes make all the difference.

Before I get started, if deciding to watch,
There are two versions of this film, two edits.
There is the original Chinese cut,
And a shorter American one if you can get it.

I recommend the longer film,
Despite all its many subtitles.
The plot will be less confusing
And you’ll follow along for a while.

If given the chance, always choose
The original Chinese version.
If you’re lucky, you can find a film uncut and dubbed.
If less lucky, the US version.

The States had a habit, early on
Of shortening Jackie’s films.
Some of these can be hard to see,
Especially his 90’s films.

Luckily, this one’s available.
We can see it as it was designed,
And it does improve the film,
Which I had not liked at the time.

It’s an okay action movie
That could have been much better,
But for what it is, it’s acceptable,
And Jackie would later go on to do better.

As for the plot, well it’s similar
To Mr. Nice Guy in a way.
He’s an ordinary man who gets mixed up
With exciting and dangerous things.

Of course, ordinary to Jackie Chan
Means he’s an expert at Parkour,
And also a Kung Fu acrobat
With many other surprises in store.

The best scene in the movie
Takes place in a Turkish bath.
He is wearing but a towel
When some baddies come along to attack.
The greatest cinematic nude scene of all time.
He fights them off and is forced to escape
Off the roof with two large sun umbrellas.
He safely makes it to the ground
While still getting chased by these fellas.

Then he loses his towel.
While he fights off all these dudes
He’s forced to try and cover himself
To keep from being nude.

He’ll grab an object from a table
And hold at his crotch,
Using the other hand for self defence.
Jackie Chan has not lost his touch.

This is the funniest scene
In an otherwise serious flick.
It’s so well done and so much fun
That I’m sure you will get a kick.
Jackie loves having lots of vehicles in his films.
It’s worth the price of admission,
And as a further piece of luck,
There’s a huge sequence at the end
Involving a very large truck.

I’ll give the film a decent four.
It was a good attempt by Jackie Chan,
But it didn’t work out as it could have.
We expect much more from this man.

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