The Amazing Quest Of Ernest Bliss

The Amazing Quest Of Ernest Bliss


Directed by Alfred Zeisler

Starring Cary Grant, Mary Brian, Peter Gawthorne

Rating: ******

Someone recommends a good doctor to Ernest.

Though this film was made in 1936,
It still holds up today
For the story is simple, it’s premise so quaint,
That it might well take place today.

Cary Grant plays Ernest Bliss,
A filthy rich young man.
His money was all inherited.
He has no lifelong plan.

He makes an appointment with the doctor,
But shows up way too late,
And is irritated that the doc
Resolutely makes him wait.

Ernest is kept waiting.

Finally, once everyone else has left,
Ernest gets his turn.
He says he’s having trouble focusing.
He’s restless, too we learn.

The doctor says he knows what’s wrong,
And has a solution that works fine,
But that Ernest will not heed his words,
And he’ll waste the doctor’s time.

This makes Ernest pretty mad.
He now demands the truth.
The doc tells him that he needs a job,
Perhaps one like Babe Ruth.

The doctor infuriates Ernest.

The doctor keeps insisting
That Ernest will ignore him.
His taunting angers Ernest more,
Till Ernest can’t ignore him.

He makes a bet with the doctor:
For one year he will live
Like his common fellow man,
And if he loses, he will give

The doc a big donation,
For a hospital, I think.
The doc says he can’t do it,
Which pushes Ernest to the brink.

They agree to 50,000,
A quite enormous sum.
Then Ernest leaves his house and wealth
And starts out like a bum.

He gets a job quite quickly,
Though it’s quite a bit of work.
He realizes firsthand
That the world is full of jerks.

The smug Ernest doesn’t believe him.

It isn’t easy getting by,
But get along he does,
Despite the fact that he gets
Fired by his boss.

He encounters hardship
For the first time in his life.
He sees it’s not always easy
Getting by in life.

He meets a lovely woman
And some petty crooks, too.
He outsmarts the crooks and
Sends them to the stew.

One of his jobs is
As a cabbie in the streets.
He goes and brings the doctor to
A household emergency.

Once the doc is finished,
Ernest tells him who he is.
The doc is very happy
That he took that advice of his.

When the month is over
Ernest meets the doc again.
He said he spent a little cash,
So he forfeits his potential win.

Ernest realizes that work is hard work.

The doc forgives him for the slip
And reaches for his checkbook.
Ernest stops his wrinkled hand
And reaches for his checkbook.

He’ll give the hospital the money
From the goodness of his heart
Because he saw the doctor
Help the woman in the dark.

I really quite enjoyed this film.
Its story crept upon me sleepily.
I’m giving it a five out of five
For it has touched me deeply.

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