The Avengers

The Avengers


Directed by Joss Whedon

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Helmsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hiddleston

Rating: ******

Nick Fury’s trusty sidekick, Maria Hill.

Nick Fury of SHIELD, has discovered a problem,
A very nearly unsolvable problem,
And he needs real help. He will ask for it first.
He’ll do anything to save the Planet Earth.

By his side is the loyal Maria Hill,
A highly-trained woman with special skills.
Their agency, though government run,
Is Top Secret and known to almost none.

They exist to solve the biggest problems there are,
And their current problem’s the biggest by far.
Thor’s brother, Loki, not of Odin’s creation,
Has decided to launch an alien invasion.

Mr. Fury knows he can’t stop them himself,
And that he will need a lot of good help.
Fortunately, there exist a few freaks
That combined, could provide the assistance he seeks.

First up is the Captain, of America, and
A huge raging monster who’s being hunted,
Along with a genius in an Iron Man suit,
And a righteous Asgardian, who’s a hero to boot.

The Hulk, natch.

In addition, a Russian of exceptional skill,
And a bowman with an arrow-filled quill,
Destined to meet when brought together
By the agent of SHIELD who knows that they’d better.

These freaks will be meeting for the very first time,
And the Captain will lead them, and he’ll lead them fine.
Everyone else can just do as they’re told,
And hopefully Loki and co. will be stopped cold.

Now, the Captain is feeling like a fish on land,
And he hasn’t adjusted to this new foreign land
That was really the country of his birth,
One-hundred years ago, in a simpler Earth.

He was frozen in ice during WWII,
And during this century, out of the blue,
The Captain woke up and opened his eyes
And all of society had changed in size.

Now an outsider, he needed a purpose,
And building a team would serve his purpose.
He gathers the team, and they bicker and fight,
But all of them want things to turn out right.

This movie was pretty darned good, I feel.
It had comedy, action and a grand epic feel.
It’s great seeing these heroes all interact,
When we’d previously seen them in the abstract.

Captain America looks skyward.

Combined, they are powerful, considerable, since
Alone they were also quite powerful, hence
When they work well together, they can accomplish great things
And this union can give their movement its wings.

I’m giving this movie a perfect six.
Everything you’d expect is in this.
It’s an overall satisfying, perfect blend
With a more than remarkable and pleasing end.

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