The Bank Job

The Bank Job


Directed by Roger Donaldson

Starring Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Stephen Campbell Moore

Rating: ******

“I took the pictures of the Princess, mon!”

Princess Margaret,
With her blue genetics,
Get her pictures taken,
As she’s photogenic,

But those pictures
–Saints alive!–
Must be collected
By MI5.

Since they are encased in
A bank’s strong closet,
They must take it out
Of a safe deposit,

Their female liasion.

But they can’t just grab it.
(That’s illegal.)
They must break the law
To protect those regal,

So they pressure a woman
To form a team
To commit some major

Jason Statham’s
The head of the crew.
They get some tools
Once they’re told what to do.

No, he’s not the brains of the operation.

They lease a storefront
That’s close to the bank
And start digging a tunnel
Beneath the old bank.

Of course things go wrong.
It’s part of the story,
Which partially was based on
A real-life story.

Though their cinematic
Caper is strewn
With embellishments,
Are they far out of tune

The robbery goes well…

With the mysterious truth?
We won’t find out more
Till declassification
In 2054.

So for the time being,
This film’s what we have
And it’s more than decent.
The acting is not bad,

The writing is excellent,
The direction superb,
And it’s just the right length
From its street to its curb,

…until it doesn’t.

So I give it a five
Which I think it deserves.
It’s brimming with action,
Excitement and verve.

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