The Big Brawl

The Big Brawl

aka Battle Creek Brawl


Directed by Robert Clouse

Starring Jackie Chan, Kristine DeBell, José Ferrer

Rating: ******

Jackie has a fight.

Though this movie isn’t one of Jackie’s best,
It’s the one American film of his I like the best.
It takes place in the 1930s Chicago
Jackie plays a young Americano.

He’s a young man well-versed in Kung Fu,
But his father doesn’t understand Kung Fu.
With every duck and dodge and foin,
How can all of this effort make him some coin?

He’s the talk of the town.

Jackie can’t make him comprehend
The importance of knowing how to fight with his hands,
But the combat part is of less import
Than the daily exercise and work.

Jackie has a girl with whom he smitten
And decides to take a roller skatin’.
He shows off some very clever moves,
And impresses the onlookers with his groove.

Some gangsters at some point see him fight,
So they kidnap his girl and force him to fight.
He leaves the area he’s in
And goes to fight the champion,

His formidable opponent.

But the uncle who trained him is not sitting back.
He lies in wait for the time to attack.
So Jackie’s not all alone with these guys,
He makes sure he has a couple allies.

The story is good and the movie is quaint,
Not making much money but neither a taint.
Is the best American film he made for a long time.
It gets a five out of six from ArticlesInRhyme.

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