The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers


Directed by John Landis

Starring John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Carrie Fisher, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, James Brown, Arethra Franklin, Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn, John Candy

Rating: ******

It’s goodbye day at the prison.
Jake Blues gets released.
Frank Oz gives him back his things,
And he walks out into the street.

Frank Oz

His brother Elwood waits for him.
He’s in an old cop car
That he bought at a police auction.
It will be traveling very far.

They visit the old orphanage,
The place where they were raised.
They meet an old Cab Calloway,
A man who once amazed.

Jake and Elwood Blues.

He is dressed the same as them,
In fedora and in shades,
Wearing a suit a little big,
And a loose tie, like his aides.

He tells them to visit the woman upstairs,
The Mother Superior.
She tells them they’re losing the orphanage.
Jack offers to steal for her.

Mother Superior

She tells him no. That path’s a sin.
He’ll go to Hell for sure.
He says he’ll find another way
To pay the bill for her.

They leave, and Jake thinks a while,
And then devises a plan.
He reasons that, to raise the money,
They’ll need to reunite their band.

Cab Calloway.

Elwood agrees, and quits his job,
As quickly as a pitcher.
They don’t notice somebody following them:
The unmistakable Carrie Fisher.

Miss Fisher is one of Jake’s
Very jilted lovers.
Throughout this film she tries to kill
Her once-significant other.

James Brown

They spend the rest of the film committing crimes,
All for the Greater Good.
Though they say they’re on a mission from God,
They’re not behaving as they should.

They go on high-speed chases
In their super Bluesmobile.
They steal, destroy, cause accidents,
And are reckless at the wheel.

John Candy in law enforcement.

At the end, after meeting Spielberg,
They end up in the slammer.
They’re sentenced as their long list of crimes
Are read by the judge with the hammer.

Who recommends this film the most
–One filled with reckless, criminal men?—
The Pope at the time believed in the Blues,
And encouraged all Catholics to watch them.

Princess…er, Carrie Fisher.

Why? It’s due to their reasoning,
Especially since their intent
To save a little orphanage,
And a Catholic one, they were Hellbent.

It’s an absurd little movie, well-put together,
With an interesting story, too;
Not funny enough for a higher star,
I give it a three instead of two.

The Law descends upon them.

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