The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises


Directed by Christopher Nolan

Starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway

Rating: ******

Mr. Wayne’s faithful butler, Alfred.

The Dark Knight had the Joker,
A man with a twisted mind.
His threats were in the things he did.
He wasn’t he physically imposing kind.

This movie has a man called Bane.
He’s a mountain of rock-hard muscle.
With his military mind and his ninja skills,
He’ll be the victor in any tussle.

Like the Joker, he wants anarchy,
But not so he can laugh.
He does it all for vengeance,
All the vengeance that Hell hath.

He decides to visit Gotham
And cause some terrorist acts.
Then he calmly sits and waits
For the Batman to attack.

Why the Batman? Bane is smart.
He knows that if he wants to take Gotham City,
He’ll need to remove the Batman,
Who’s as popular as Hello Kitty.

Batman’s a symbol to these folks,
A symbol of hope and release.
Once Bane removes the Batman,
The hope will fly off like geese,

So he welcomes the Batman to his lair,
And he lets him take a swing,
And when Batman fails to hurt him,
He shows him why he should be Gotham’s king.

Catwoman whispers in Bruce’s ear.

He beats on Batman pretty badly,
And injures him enough
That he can send him off to Timbuktu
Without more fisticuffs.

There, he throws him in a prison
From which few folks escape.
Now this injured, broken Batman
Has to live in a cage like an ape.

There’s another villain.
Her name’s Selena Kyle,
The sleek and slender Catwoman,
Who can burgle houses with style.

She teams up with Mr. Bane
After threatening Bruce Wayne.
That won’t be the last time she appears,
For we’ll see her once again.

The story’s grander this time,
And it doesn’t all make sense.
For instance, every single cop gets trapped
In the sewers, free of rent.

In reality, the policemen
Wouldn’t all go down below the streets.
They’d send in a few good men to infiltrate,
Silent and discrete.

They’d locate the evil doers
And then they’d stage a raid,
And afterwards they’d go back home,
After they’d been paid.

Thus, Bane takes over Gotham,
And blows up all the bridges
Connecting Gotham to the mainland
Of the Continental U.S.

The Military tries to intervene,
But doesn’t get too far along
Before Bane threatens Gotham
With a big Atomic bomb.

Bane is the bane of Gotham’s existence.

It’s an interesting story.
While it is a tad far-fetched,
It still pleases and amazes,
And will in your mind be etched.

I’m giving this a 4.8.
Though not as great as those before it,
It’s still a pretty solid film.
I doubt that you’ll deplore it.

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