The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight


Directed by Christopher Nolan

Starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart

Rating: ******

Meet Harvey Dent, a prosecuting attourney.

It was just a matter of time
Before the Joker reappeared,
This time in the best franchise
Batman has had in years.

In the second of the trilogy,
Following Batman Begins,
The Dark Knight shows us a villain
That really knows how to dig in.

The movie starts out with some robbers,
Concentrating on a bank.
Each is wearing a clown mask,
But have no known leader to thank.

Each robber meets his gruesome end
At another robber’s hands.
The few remaining grow to fear
The leading robber’s plans.

Eventually, there’s just one left,
And he’s the mastermind.
He’s known as the Joker,
And has a sick and deranged mind.

This version of the Joker
Differs from all the others.
Because his character’s so hard to play,
The actor playing him could be smothered,

So a different tactic was in order.
Enter method actor
Heath Ledger, from The Patriot,
A well-regarded actor.

He really took the time he needed
To reinvent the Joker.
He became a lot more menacing,
A stabber, not a choker.

This is the Joker. He’s a real joker.

In appearance he was plainer,
Looking more like a real guy
Who dyes his hair green and wears pancake makeup
While reveling in people’s cries.

He’s so unlike the other crooks,
He baffles all he meets.
He’s not motivated by money,
Power, wealth or greed.

Instead, this man’s a monkeywrench
Who slows down Society’s gears,
Sometimes stopping them from moving,
And preying on people’s fears.

This guy just wants to have some fun,
And he does this by messing with folks.
While they’re in a flurried panic,
He’s the only one who gets the joke.

Enter The Batman, the only man
Who can possibly apprehend him,
But the Joker is no fool.
He’s not just a creature of whim.

He will plan out carefully
Complicated crimes
That will twist the players every which way
While he’s laughing all the time.

This dark, disturbing Joker
Is not without a spark
That stands out above other Jokers
Trying to hit that mark.

He’s the best thing in a movie
With a solid supporting cast.
He rises above the Scarecrow
As a villain that was made to last.

He manipulates a prosecutor
By the name of Harvey Dent
Till he becomes two conflicting people
As different as Superman to Clark Kent.

The Joker takes a hostage.

He toys with Gotham City,
And brings it to its knees.
It takes a lot of effort
And struggle to break free.

This is an excellent movie
That never runs out of tricks.
Because of the fine film that it is,
It gets a 5.6.

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