The Flash

John Wesley Shipp

The Flash

Created(Developed) by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo
Starring John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, Alex Desert

Aired on CBS.

Rating: ******

The Flash was another short-lived gem
Not reviewed for a second year.
The high quality showed all the effort put in,
But it wasn’t enough, I fear.

Amanda Pays

Like other TV shows around that time
Its scheduling was inconsistent,
Thus, for viewers trying to catch it at a regular time,
Their chances were non-existent.

John Wesley Shipp played a guy called The Flash,
Who could move at terrific speeds,
Though as compared to the comic book Flash,
He was extremely slowed down indeed.

The accident.

The pilot began as gritty and dark
And the characters more realistic.
Then they became near the end of its run,
When the show would become a statistic.

Police lab rat Barry had a brother named Jay,
Who was killed by a criminal gang,
But Barry is only an ordinary man.
He has neither wing, claw, nor fang.

He wants his revenge, but doesn’t know how,
So he puts it in the back of his mind
And concentrates on his police lab work,
Looking for some clues he can find.

Alex Desert.

One night he’s working during a storm,
And stands near a cabinet of chemicals.
A bolt of lightning comes out of the blue,
And flings him into the chemicals.

The following day, he can move really fast,
And develops a bottomless pit.
He visits a woman played by Amanda Pays.
She’s a fellow scientist.

She examines him for several days,
And they’re amazed at what they find.
It seems that this lab rat who works for the police
Will never be falling behind.

The Flash.

Barry decides to dress himself up
In a costume of red and of gold.
He looks pretty fearsome in his form-fitting suit.
He looks confident, angry and bold.

So he goes for a run in the dead of the night
And he scuffles with criminal thugs.
He’s eventually able to defeat the gang,
And he clears the streets of some drugs.

The Flash is a hero, but some sceptics believe
The he doesn’t exist—not at all.
One of these sceptics is his friend Julio,
A coworker who saw Barry’s fall.

Julio thinks that if there is a Flash,
He just might be Barry Allen.
He has no way of proving these suspicions at all,
Not by the teaspoon, nor by the gallon.

This was a fun little show that didn’t last long.
But it was wonderful when it was on.
I‘m giving it then a five out of six,
For I watched it until it was gone.

If you want to watch this,
After you’ve read my review,
The Flash: The Complete Series
Is on DVD, too.

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