The Foreigner

The Foreigner


Directed by Martin Campbell

Starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Katie Leung, Rufus Jones

Rating: ******

A retired Jackie Chan is happy with his daughter.

As an old man who has seemingly lost his fire,
We see Jackie Chan play a man retired,
A man who was once highly-trained
In combat and tactics, it’s explained.

He’s leading a somewhat normal life
When his daughter gets caught in a terrorist strike.
An Irish sect is blowing England’s bubbles,
Much like they had done during the Troubles.

Piers Brosnan as a retired IRA terrorist.

Hurt and angry, Jackie Chan
Decides to hunt them to the last man.
Pierce Brosnan gives him some leads,
But is he as trustworthy as he seems?

Pierce plays an Irish terrorist,
Retired, like Jackie’s character is.
He does the Irish accent proud,
And is free to do what he’s allowed.

The police warned Jackie against revenge,
But how else can the bad guys meet their ends?
On his own, he does some digging
And unearths some birds that don’t stop singing.

In this film, Jackie Chan
Was told to play an older man,
Who behaves and feels like a man in his sixties
Who has difficulty moving quickly.

He wheezes and sighs and hesitates,
And when about to lift something, he makes a face.
This adds realism to Jackie’s character,
And for Jackie, it’s a rather unique character.

The Police get involved.

The actor’s no ordinary man, you see.
He still leaps around like he’s twenty-three.
He’ll be climbing and flipping till he’s 104,
But in this movie, he scales things back a lot more.

This film is well done. All performances rule,
The direction not exceeding this rule.
I’ll give it a five it has more than earned.
It’s bound to keep you entertained for sure.

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