The Frisco Kid


Directed by Robert Aldrich

Starring Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford, Ramon Bieri
Rating: ******

A young Jewish rabbi
Played by Gene Wilder
Transports a Torah
Throughout a West that was wilder.

When somebody tries
To steal his book,
Harrison Ford
Deals with the crooks.

Harrison Ford
Is a noble gunslinger.
He rides his horse
With his trigger finger.

They have some adventures
Across the nation
As Gene Wilder goes to
His destination.
At one point the duo is
Beset by killers.
Harrison Ford
Fights off the killers

While the rabbi tries to save
His book from the fire,
With no thought to his friend
In the line of fire.

He later regrets
His selfish act.
Harry forgives him,
So that is that.

It’s a good buddy cop film
Set in the West.
The two leads certainly

It’s a small little story,
But very well done.
I’m giving this a
Four plus one.

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