The Girl From Chicago

The Girl From Chicago

Author Unknown

There’s a girl from Chicago I’ll never forget,
The loveliest darling that I ever met.
Every time she went out with a handsome young chap
She never objected to sit on his ___

Now the girl from Chicago went out with a guy
Who frightened her so that she thought she would die.
Every time she sat down she did not feel at ease
At the way he kept staring at her pretty _____

So the girl from Chicago went back to her Ma.
The boys in her hometown were nicer by far,
Till a good-looking guy took her out to a dance
And while they were dancing the guy lost his _____

Now the girl from Chicago is happy at last.
Her frivolous days are a thing of the past.
To the bright lights on Broadway, a farewell she bids.
She now has a husband and four lovely ____


Note: I didn’t write this, and I’ll never know who did. I found it a long time ago and held onto it, because I was fond of it. This is probably the first time it was ever typed out. Now someone can enjoy it other than I.


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