The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk


Directed by Louis Leterrier

Starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt

Rating: ******

Bruce Banner as himself.

Bruce Banner, scientist, is on the run
From a mean army general in control of a ton
Of lethal munitions, which at his command
Can level Los Angeles and Trinidad.

Bruce Banner has the perfect disguise:
He has a face the General would never recognize.
Oh, he might know his name, and perhaps his credentials,
But he only knows him at his most fundamental.

He’s chasing a giant. He’s chasing The Hulk—
A big, green monster who’s swelling with bulk,
A large, muscled cretin with a toddler’s mind
Who can tear a whole tank in half while half blind.

Bruce Banner as the Hulk.

Unbeknownst to him, Bruce Banner’s The Hulk,
For he sometimes transforms into The Hulk,
Years ago, to earn his scientist pay,
He bombarded his body with gamma rays.

Now it so happens that whenever he’s stressed,
Or upset, or angry, or unbelievably pissed,
He will grow five more feet on the vertical plane
And become heavy enough to outweigh a small plane,

Then he’ll go berserk, and tear down a wall,
Or topple a building, windows and all,
Or smash through a highway with a big, mighty leap,
Or attack the army and total the jeeps.

The Hulk is a problem and needs to be stopped,
So the General’s allowed to pull out all the stops.
He’ll kill this enormous, indestructible thing,
Even if it costs him everything.

General Thunderbolt, the Hulk’s mortal enemy.

Now the Army has been experimenting
With gamma rays, and the strength they bring.
They power up an old salt who had failed,
And make him big and green, and in sheer size, well scaled.

This new Hulk naturally has to face off
With the real Hulk, who gets more pissed off.
I’d reveal who wins, but all the info you need
Is that we’ll see Hulk again in the films that succeed.

I’m rating this movie a solid five.
It’s a good introduction to Bruce Banner’s life.

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