The Irishman

The Irishman


Directed by Martin Scorsese

Starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino

Rating: ******

A young Frank Sheeran drives a truck.

The talented Martin Scorsese
Has completed another film,
And he got Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro
To star in this stellar film.

As an added bonus, he got Joe Pesci
In a solid, starring role,
The first since he’d retired
A long time ago.

These three titans all together,
Four, if you count the director,
Never seem to fight and squabble
Over which actor might be better.

Frank meets Russell Bufalino, a Mob boss.

Instead, they complement each other,
In each and every scene.
They move the story forward
Each time they’re onscreen.

Like many of Scrocese’s best,
This is a gangster story,
Focused on an Irishman
Who gets to tell his story.

His name is Frank Sheeran,
A simple man at first,
Driving a simple tractor trailer,
Long before he does his worst.

We get to see Jimmy Hoffa.

DiNiro in his twenties
Plays him at this time.
He was digitally de-aged plenty
For his face to match the times.

He meets a powerful Mob boss,
Named Russel Bufalino.
Joe Pesci plays him perfectly,
In every single scene-o.

They hit it off and Russell
Offers him a job.
Frank is really happy
Working for the Mob.

Joe Pesci as Russell.

Eventually, Russel asks him
To take on hitman duties.
He double-taps each victim
At close range, ignoring Cooties.

He slowly begins to change
Into a grim and harder man.
His children are uneasy
When they see glimpses of the hitman.

One day, Bufalino
Asks him if he’d like to be
The personal hitman bodyguard
Of a big celebrity.

Hoffa causes trouble.

When he hears it’s Jimmy Hoffa,
Frank is overjoyed.
He consents and gets to meet
Pacino, full of joy.

Hoffa’s also happy,
And they both become good friends.
Those are all the spoilers that I’ll spill
About Mr. Hoffa’s untimely end.

This movie is well over
The three hour mark,
But the time really seems to fly away
As Scorsese makes his mark.

An older Frank Sheeran recounts his glory days.

It’s an extremely well-done movie,
And I’m glad that Netflix bought it.
I’m giving it a six out of six,
For all of these guys have still got it.

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