The Karate Kid Remake

The Karate Kid Remake


Directed by Harald Zwart

Starring Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Taraji P. Henson

Rating: ******

Jaden and his mother.

In the early 80’s,
The Karate Kid
Brought people into the cinemas,
It did.

A solid story
With acting gold
Kept this film memorable,
After the tickets were sold.

Many years later,
Will Smith’s young man
Wanted to star in a remake
With Jackie Chan.

Jackie plays an old
Chinese fart
Who knows a lot
About martial arts.

Jaden Smith
Arrives with his mom
To mainland China,
Busy, not calm.

His mother has found
Herself a job here
And works to feed
Her young little dear

Who must go to school
In this place
Filled with bullies
He must face.

Jackie beats up some children.

American productions
Love bullies so much,
You can’t turn on the tube
Without finding some to watch.

Bullies from
A Kung Fu school
Keep clobbering him
After school.

One day,
Jackie Chan sees them,
And beats them up
To save Jaden.

His mother asks Jackie
To teach him Kung Fu
For his own self defence,
And her peace of mind, too.

He begins
By making him put on his coat,
Then take it off
And put back on his coat,

Over and over
Till Jackie’s impressed.
Jaden is suddenly an expert
At self defence.

It is decided
That Jaden will face
All of the bullies
In a martial arts place.

Does he whup all their butts
Like a strong little toiler?
Would such an admission
Be quite the spoiler?

This movie’s okay.
You could give it a watch.
The original’s better,
And the better watch,

China isn’t filled only with bullies. There is the occasional pretty face.

But Jaden and Jackie
Make a good pair.
The script could be better,
But it’s more than fair.

This all-right movie
Needs a score.
I’ll give it two plus two,
No more.

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