The Plague Dogs

The Plague Dogs


Directed by Martin Rosen

Starring John Hurt, Christopher Benjamin, James Bolam

Rating: ******

We meet Rowf as he’s fighting for his life.

Welcome readers, welcome to
My first animated film review.
Martin Rosen directs this tale
About two dogs who escape from jail.

Their jail was in a science lab,
Where their life was anything but drab.

Rowf was trained to hold his breath
As he was held underwater for another test.
Snitter behaved as if insane,
For they had removed small pieces of his brain.

Snitter has a bandage to protect his exposed brain.

After their escape, people stayed away
Because the scientists said they had the Plague.
They were forced to remain on the move,
For they knew that if they didn’t, they be removed.

They meet a red fox who helps them out,
But soon separate as they move about.
They’re cornered at the ocean by those who want to put them down
And are forced to swim out to sea till they ultimately drown.

The army prepares to hunt them down.

This movie’s not for little kids, nor for the faint of heart.
It has some frightening imagery, and the story’s pretty dark,
But it’s an adventure worth experiencing, though it might leave you with scars.
I’m giving this good movie five out of six stars.

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