The Proposal

“Lackey, get me a pen.”

The Proposal


Directed by Anne Fletcher
Starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Betty White

Rating: ******

The Proposal is a comedy
With a plot part circumstance and luck
That feels like a remake
Of While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

They reuse plot contrivances
They know you’ve seen before
In a film not as good as the first one,
Yet they never become a bore.

This time Sandra plays a boss
Who scares her employees.
She’s an unforgiving taskmaster
Hellbent on victory.

Yes, that’s the guy from The Internship. We won’t mention him again.

Attached to her hip is a lowly serf
She uses as a tool.
He’s played by Ryan Reynolds,
Before he was Deadpool.

He attends to her every need,
Acting as her gopher.
He goes above and beyond for her,
So, he can hardly be classed as a loafer.

“Get married or you’re fired.”

One day her boss pulls her aside,
For he has something to declare.
If she can’t update her Visa,
She’ll be sent packing out of there.

This is a problem for Sandra,
Since she was born north of the border.
Her only solution is to get married, quick,
To maintain her life’s strong order.

“Problem solved!”

The first person she can think of
Is her young male assistant.
She shoehorns him into marrying her.
He balks, but she’s insistent.

She tells him she’ll make him Editor,
And thus, they strike a deal.
He will help her keep her job,
And they’ll both pretend it’s real.

“Lie to me, and you’ll go to jail.”

That weekend they both take a flight
To somewhere in Alaska.
If you think this premise sounds familiar,
If I want to know, I’ll ask ya.

She meets his parents, they get along,
And she gets to meet his granny,
And tells him sometime later
That she hasn’t any family.

Alaska. It’s somewhere near NYC.

Mary Steenburgen plays his mom,
Making him the brother of Joan of Arcadia.
Craig T. Nelson plays his dad,
A coach who might one day aid ya.

His 90-year-old grandma
Is played by Betty White.
She steals every scene she’s in,
And she sets the tone just right.

Craig T. Nelson. He somehow survived being shot by Action Jackson.

Miraculously, she falls in love
With his family and with him.
Perhaps it was due to his sarcasm,
Or perhaps his boyish grin.

Astoundingly, he also falls
In love with her as well.
Who ever could have guessed
That things would turn out so well?

Mary Steenburgen and Betty White. Can you tell who’s who?

Because of her deep love for him,
She calls the wedding off.
Then he and his family chase her down
And they have a love standoff.

He proposes to her this time,
And they all have a happy end.
I’m giving three stars out of six,
And I refuse to bend.

…and they lived happily ever after.

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