The Punisher

The Punisher hates bad guys.

The Punisher


Directed by Mark Goldblatt

Starring Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gossett, jr., Jeroen Krabbé, Kim Miyori

Rating: ******

Four Mafioso waiting to die.

The Killers make way for
Dolph Lundgren,
Who plays a stone cold killer
Minus the grin.

His family was wiped out
By organized crime,
So he kills them all,
One at a time.

Luckily, he’s been
Army trained,
Which makes him Unstoppable,
As he makes it plain.

The boss gets stabbed with a Punisher blade.

This Marvel film,
Before the MCU,
Got an R rating,
For its violence too.

It’s dark and it’s gritty
Like some Batman stories,
And Dolph guns down hundreds
And does not feel sorry.

He plays the Punisher,
AKA Frank Castle,
The world’s most
Unkillable rascal.

The Punisher blows up his mansion for good measure.

He starts filling mobsters
With holes like cheese,
Till the city gets invaded
By the Japanese.

The Yakuza is even
Worse than the mob.
They kidnap mob children.
They kill and they rob.

After the Punisher
Killed so many thugs,
And the Mafia
Was splattered like bugs,

Louis Glosett, jr, plays the cop trying to catch Dolph.

The Japanese criminals
Saw their chance
And moved right in,
Seeking dominance.

Dolph doesn’t care
Which baddies he crushes,
But he won’t let the children
Get caught in the rushes,

So he teams up
With a Mafia lead,
A man he knows
Wants him to bleed,

A few more targets.

And they both take down
The Yakuza smarts
With guns and ammo
And martial arts.

The mission over,
The mafia boss
Tries to deal
A double cross,

But the Punisher,
Too smart for the ruse,
While his enemy stews.

The Punisher leaves behind a mess in every room.

This movie was gripping
From start to finis
Getting a five
Out of 6 from me.

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