The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2

Home Video


Original 1.37:1 (4:3) Aspect Ratio

1080p High Definition

Released in December 2020

Produced by Arnold Leibovit

Contains Paramount-released stop-motion shorts made by George Pal.

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Rating: ******

ArticlesInRhyme is proud to present
Our first Home Video review,
Of an actual product you can hold in your hands,
And purchase and own it, too.

This particular product, rare and obscure,
Was released this month all brand-new.
It’s a Blu-ray/DVD release called
The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2.

Never heard of it? Neither have most,
And the reason for that is quite simple:
It’s by no means a big studio release.
On a smile, it’s no more than the dimple,

But the dimple itself has a charm of its own,
And will attract so long as it’s seen,
Its beauty spread by word of mouth,
And once found, seems so very keen.

What on Earth is The Puppetoon Movie,
And how can another volume appear?
To answer that question, we need a recap
About why Arnold Leibovit seems to care.

Mr. Leibovit is the mastermind
Behind The Puppetoon Movie,
A compilation of Puppetoons
Meant to be showcased to newbies,

And what are Puppetoons, you may ask?
They were a series of stop-motion cartoons
Released theatrically by Paramount
Alongside other Hollywood cartoons,

But all the rest were drawn by hand,
So these stood out all the more.
They were extremely popular at the time,
But their memory is now distant for sure.

In the 30s and 40s when they were all made,
They were a new and novel thing.
They aired on TV in the 50s,
Way back when Elvis was King,

The main content and extras.

But then they stopped airing and all generations
That were born after this time
Hadn’t a clue as to what Puppetoons were,
And one of these generations was mine.

Till I had watched The Puppetoon Movie,
I had not seen a Puppetoon.
Thus, before the summer of this year,
I had not been exposed to the Puppetoons.

And what did I think? Well, to tell you the truth,
They were rather hit or miss,
But I very much liked the aesthetic,
And knew that I could certainly get used to this.

There were standouts in the movie,
Which on Blu-ray in 2013
Was released with a bunch of Puppetoons
In SD and HD,

Puppetoons that had not been seen
For many, many years.
We are lucky to have received
Volume Two this year,

A wonderful volume which contains
Eighteen shorts in high-def,
Four by three in 1080p,
Leaving twenty-nine Puppetoons left.

We get four Jasper shorts this time.
Jasper was the Puppetoons’s biggest star.
The lovely Judy was a close second,
Though she was in less Puppetoons by far.

Jasper was a young black boy
Who got into misadventures.
A scarecrow and crow would tell him a tale,
Getting him dreaming of a neat new adventure.

Judy is a young blonde woman,
Her long hair curly and free.
Her beauty is so well remembered,
She’s on the cover of both DVDs.

The picture quality on these discs
Is as good as they can possibly be,
Given their age and condition of the films,
It’s a miracle they have such clarity.

In fact, some of these shorts look so very good,
One might think they were made yesterday.
Congrats for the technicians who did all this work
So that we can enjoy it today.

As for the extras, though much more sparse
Than those on the previous volume, fear not.
We nevertheless get to see some nice things,
Like the making of the Alka-Seltzer mascot.

In addition, we get to see an old film
Made for the Shell Oil company,
And a few short trailers by Arnold Leibovit
On his friend who once kept him company.

This man was George Pal, an innovator,
And the father of the Puppetoons. Moreover,
He’ll be remembered for his special effects
Long before CGI took the industry over.

So long live George Pal and long live this release,
On Blu-ray and DVD,
Of The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2.
I give it six out of six, a must-see.

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