The Raid 2

Ouch time.

The Raid 2


Directed by Gareth Evans

Starring Iko Uwais, Arifin Putra, Oka Antara, Tio Pakusadewo, Alex Abbad, Julie Estelle

Rating: ******

Iko as Rama, the lone survivor of The Raid.

You really don’t need to have seen The Raid
To enjoy this remarkable film,
Especially since only one man survived
In that brutal and graphic film.

The one survivor, a battle-scarred cop,
Is convinced to go undercover
In a dangerous Maximum Security Prison.
(On film could there be any other?)

They try introducing us to some plot.

The plot is not too important,
And serves as filler in-between action.
We see some good chases and much hand-to-hand
That pumps up the adrenaline a fraction.

We see a man with a machete take on all a whole bar
Filled with malevolent, hired paid killers.
He fights most of them off but finds he’s no match
For bullets from the last of the killers.

Meet Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Boy.

We see a cute couple, A man with a bat
And a baseball that he carries around,
And a deaf girl who wields solid hammers
To smash other folks to the ground.

Baseball Bat Boy kills some people,
To show the audience that he can,
And Hammer Girl takes out an entire train car
Filled with businessmen.

Goodbye, Baseball Bat Boy and Hammer Girl.

You know they’ll end up fighting the hero,
Played by Iko Uwais,
And they do, and he fights and defeats them
In several different ways.

He has a long fight in a kitchen
And gets blood on his clothes not his own,
Mixed with a lot of his own blood,
Before he can leave and go home.

Warning: Do not do this in your kitchen.

This film wasn’t as good as its predecessor,
And was longer than it needed to be.
The action was good, I’ll admit it,
But it still gets a one plus three.

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