The Sonnet uses a simple rhyming structure, ABAB. It is fourteen lines in length, and was popularized by William Shakespeare. Some of the poems I write on this site have a similar pattern.

The last two lines of the sonnet rhyme together.

1. I am saddened, waking late
2. To discover that the liquor store is closed.
3. Now my evening won’t be so great,
4. And my party guests will feel hosed.

5. Oh, how can I quickly solve my problem,
6. Before my party guests arrive?
7. Can it be possible to dupe them
8. Saying that my dad has died?

9. Coming up with a solution,
10. I put my curtains to the flame.
11. They’ll surely leave on their own volution
12. And save me the embarrassing shame.

13. Now that my fine house has gone,
14. Will they assemble on my lawn?

It is not necessary to break this poem into paragraphs. I did it simply to better show the poem’s structure.