Thor: Ragnorak

NOTE: If you’re expecting to see Spider-Man: Homecoming this week, I already reviewed it back when I was reviewing the other Spider-Man films. If you’d like to see it, here’s a link.

Thor: Ragnorak


Directed by Taika Waititi

Starring Chris Helmsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Mark Ruffalo

Rating: ******

Thor’s brother Hela.

This story begins
With a confrontation.
Thor greets his father
And demands an explanation,

Only he’s not his father,
As Thor has surmised.
He’s really his brother,
In disguise.

“Where is our father?”
Thor asks Loki.
He was over on Earth,
Hidden, low-key,

So they travel to Earth,
And Loki eats egg,
And they find Odin, their father,
Is on his last legs.

He gives them a warning
Before he expires.
“She’s coming,” he tells them,
And then he retires.

Out of nowhere,
A woman riding a dog
Comes upon them,
Straight out of the fog.

She tells Thor that
Her name is Hela, mister,
And that she happens
To be their sister.

Thor gets a haircut.

He intends to claim Asgard
As her own private kingdom,
And use the people for conquest,
From kingdom to kingdom.

Thor confronts her
And she sends him
Spiraling out of control
To another dimension,

Or a whole other world,
Whichever the case.
He lands on a planet
Out somewhere in space.

This planet is run by
A great dictator
Who amuses himself
With gladiators.

Thor is captured
And is given new duds,
And is pitted against
One of his buds.

It’s the Hulk! The same one
From the Planet Earth,
The very same planet
Of the Hulk’s birth.

Hulk gets to battle
Someone new every day.
There’s never a rematch,
For the loser dies that day.

Will Thor find his way
Back to his pretty home planet,
Or are Hela’s claws
Too attached to the planet?

What Hulk going to smash now?

This movie was funny,
The visuals neat,
And the story made for
A wonderful treat.

This film gets
A five-point-two.
Watch it now,
I’m telling you.

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