Directed by Gordon Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Anita Yuen, Michael Wong

Rating: ******

Jackie Chan, race car driver.

This is a good action and racing flick
That is very badly filmed.
Some of the editing is atrocious,
For we can’t follow what’s on film.

Despite these flaws, the story’s good,
And many of the stunts make you wince.
We see car crashes at very high speeds,
And glorious action sequences.

One of these sequences involves Jackie Chan
Inside a shipping container
Being hauled by crane, smashing into things,
Tipped, turned and dropped like a strainer.

Jackie is injured.

But it’s not all empty, not at all.
His whole apartment’s inside.
Tons of loose stuff and broken glass
Cutting and bruising his hide.

The scene is the one you’ll remember
Once you’ve mostly forgotten the plot,
But there are some other nice goodies
That will make your blood run pretty hot.


There were a few action-packed fight scenes,
And a race that will blow you away.
The villain is likeable and menacing,
And Jackie, of course, saves the day.

Though one of his lesser efforts,
This film was a lot of fun,
So I’m giving it a rating
Of three plus one.

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