Time Trax

Captain Darien Lambert, time traveler.

Time Trax


Created by Harve Bennett and Grant Rosenberg.

Starring Dale Midkiff, Elizabeth Alexander, Peter Donat

Rating: ******

Time Trax was a two-season show
That never got renewed.
It was an action show with a time-travel theme,
And was wholesome rather than rude.

It begins 200 years in the future,
Where the world is a quite different place.
People are physically stronger and smarter,
And they shun folks of the white race.

Darien suffers loss.

A cop named Darien is looking for criminals
That he can never seem to find.
His queries lead him to a scientist’s lair,
The man with the world’s greatest mind.

This man is Doctor Sahmbi,
And he looks like Mulder’s dad,
But on closer inspection, he’s evil,
And the things he chooses to do are bad.

Dr. Sahmbi has a business.
For an enormous sum of cash,
He will rescue a wanted criminal
And send him back in time to the past.

He won’t send them just anywhere in time,
For he prefers 1993.
We are unclear why he chose this year.
Perhaps the answer would have reached Season Three.

The evil Dr. Mordecai Sahmbi.

Darien tells his superiors what he has just learned,
And they promote him up to Captain.
They give him some car keys and a credit card,
And say, “Don’t come back till you’ve grabbed ‘em.”

So Darien goes back in time,
And lives off of government money.
He communicates with his superiors
Through newspaper ads, not the Funnies.

The two objects he brought with him
Are his tools of the trade.
His car keys can act as a weapon
Or send a man through time and space.

His credit card is a computer
That can do amazing things.
She has Mankind’s past on her hard drive,
And knows the answer to everything.

Each week he hunts down a criminal,
Often helping out those in need.
He then sends the culprit back in time
To atone for his misdeeds.

It was a pretty decent show,
But not extraordinary by any means.
I’m going to give it a four out of six.
Long live Darien and his superlative genes.

Darien’s credit card.

Time Trax: The Complete First Season
Is available on DVD.
Also, Time Trax: The Complete Second Season
Is available, too, you see.

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