Total Recall

Total Recall


Directed by Paul Verhoeven

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Michael Ironside, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox

Rating: ******

Arnie’s a construction worker
Down on Planet Earth.
He has continuous dreams of Mars
That won’t dissipate or disperse.

American everyman Douglas Quaid.

In his dreams, he’s in a spacesuit,
Walking on the red planet’s surface.
He’s not alone. A woman is with him,
And they walk towards a rocky orifice.

He slips and falls and breaks his helmet,
Letting the bad air in.
He suffocates, his eyes bulge out
Because he cannot keep them in.

He wakes up screaming before he dies,
And tells his wife about it.
She smiles and says it’s kind of strange,
But she never complains about it.

His character’s name is Douglas Quaid,
And he wants to go to Mars.
His wife says they can’t afford it.
They don’t even own any cars.

Reluctantly he nods assent,
But inside he still wants to go.
He hears of a company named Rekall,
That can send him where the wants to go,

Michael Ironside as the evil Richter.

But he won’t be going physically,
In fact, he won’t be going at all.
He will physically remain on Earth,
And little time will pass at all.

Rather than getting a real journey,
He’d be getting memories instead.
A fun adventure soon would be
Implanted in his head,

But something goes wrong and someone wakes up,
A man inside his mind.
How long he has been there is anyone’s guess.
He must have always been hidden behind.

This new man speaks.
“Let me loose!
“They’re going to kill us all!”
He gets sedated heavily,
And to sleep he begins to fall.

Whatever you do, don’t make this man angry.

Now he’s embroiled
In a violent and thrilling adventure.
It’s action sci-fi at its best,
An exciting movie venture.

This movie gets a five out of six,
A current trend of late.
I’ll have to review more movies
That I like less or I hate.

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