Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen:

Rating: ******

Directed by Michael Bay
Starring Shia Laboeuf, Megan Fox

I most often tend to review films
That I have personally enjoyed.
This was one film, however,
That left me bored and annoyed.

In my reviews I tend to focus
On the story and the plot.
That shall not be a problem here.
A Best Picture this is not.

Honestly, a narrative
Is not what I remember,
Only scattered bits and pieces,
And an electronic tembre.

There were robots and explosions,
And some guy in a thong,
And one guy starting college,
And his dad, and his mom.

There were army men in uniform,
And missiles, planes and tanks,
Something about the Pyramids…
And yet this movie stank.

To be fair, they didn’t have
A real script to use.
Instead, they started filming,
Citing a a strike as their excuse,

And the lack of story shows,
‘Midst the catastrophic mayhem,
And the bad attempt at comedy
From the evening to the a.m.

At no time is the audience
Able to follow along.
For two and a half long hours,
We don’t know what’s going on.

My verdict? A one out of six,
For severely wasting my time.
I could have been doing something else,
Like reading ArticlesInRhyme.

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