Twin Dragons

Two twins are born.

Twin Dragons


Directed by Ringo Lam and Hark Tsui
Starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Teddy Robin Kwan, Nina Li Chi

Rating: ******

In a hospital, quick as an ostrich,
A bad man takes a small baby hostage.
He leaves out the window
And loses the day old
In less time than to affix postage.

The babynapper.

The chances of finding him slim,
The parents have just lost a twin,
But they still have the other,
So they take the small brother
Back to the U.S. to live in.

Meanwhile, the one who was lost
Was found by a woman uncrossed.
She kept and she raised him,
And sometimes amazed him,
All at her very own cost.

A drunk woman finds him.

When the babies grew to the size of a man,
They both looked like Jackie Chan,
But only the poor one,
The still-in-Hong-Kong one,
Became a quick and athletic man.

This was because, as a child,
He would often run through the streets wild.
His twin brother’s double
Was often in trouble,
But put up his dukes when riled.

Composer Jackie.

Thus, he learned how to fight like a champ,
And could put out your lights like a lamp.
His brother, instead,
Heard notes in his head,
And scribbled them down like a scamp.

The American was far from a poser,
For he was an accomplished composer.
With the greatest conduct,
He would also conduct,
And move people like a bulldozoer.

Maggie Cheung.

One day, the musical Jackie
Got dressed up in clothes quite untacky
And visited Hong Kong,
(He’d been away for far too long)
To conduct his own music, by cracky!

His brother, the very same day,
Owed money and was unable to pay.
He was trying to flee,
But they caught him with glee,
And of course, they forced him to stay.

Tyson, his friend.

They each meet a pretty young dame
Whom they seem to enjoy, it is plain,
But there’s a mix-up, it’s true,
And the old switcheroo,
And the girls don’t notice the change.

Comedy is this movie’s strength.
It does not stretch to overlength.
Up there on the screen
Are some great action scenes
And stunt work’s another great strength.

Wrong girl A.

Jackie Chan was going all out.
He was jumping and running about,
And because he’s alive,
I’ll give this film a five,
For I feel it deserves my shout.

Wrong girl B.

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