Directed by Stanley Tong

Starring Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Lun Ai, Miya Muqi

Rating: ******

A fight commences!

During a year of disappointments,
This film didn’t fail to disappoint,
Though it at least kept its appointment,
And was released near the end of the year on point.

Stanley Tong is directing,
And Jackie Chan is billed first,
But if Supercop’s what you’re expecting,
Be ready to watch something worse.

Though Vanguard’s not a bad movie,
And is filled with action throughout,
It’s not a Jackie Chan movie.
We don’t see him much moving about.

Jackie stars as the CEO
Of security company Vanguard.
They will stop whatever they’re doing and go
To complete urgent business for Vanguard.

A man in a suit’s getting kidnapped
By terrorists, evil, with guns.
Two young Chinese men get bitmapped,
Go to his rescue and have all the fun.

They show off their fancy Kung Fu skills
And defeat all the bad terrorists.
They rescue the man with their sheer drive and will,
But discover that they can’t get a rest.

The baddies want money from this man,
And will stop at nothing to get it.
They’ll kidnap his daughter if they can,
To take his protection and shred it,

So Vanguard spends the rest of this flick
Spoiling the terrorist’s plans.
They’ll punch them and kick them and hit them with sticks,
Or shoot them till they can no longer stand.

The love birds.

The young actors do most of the action,
Whilst Jackie sits or stands around.
Though he’ll occasionally move a fraction,
He mostly stays put on the ground.

In fact, this movie doesn’t need Jackie at all.
Anyone else could have taken his place.
Perhaps he is getting old. After all,
He has an older and more wrinkly face.

This movie features great scenery,
Especially in the African scenes.
Each shot contains such beauty,
Beauty we generally see just in dreams.

There’s a really nice love story
Featuring the daughter and a young guard.
It’s the best part of this story
In the entirety of Vanguard.

The terrorist hideout.

Otherwise, it’s just an action flick,
Pedestrian, but pretty well done.
The director employs a lot of tricks,
And the story is smarter than dumb,

But at the end of the day, it’s quite skippable.
It’s the Jackie Chan film you can miss.
His absence would have made the film more forgivable.
It gets a four out of six.

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