Victory Through Air Power

Victory Through Air Power


Directed by James Algar and Clyde Geronimi

Starring Alexander de Seversky and Art Baker

Rating: ******

The amazement of the Average Joe when they saw men flying in machines.

It was World War II.
The fighting was grand,
And Germany had
The upper hand.

Their planes were using
Short distance flights
To shell every country
Within their sights.

In the South Pacific,
Where are the Zeros would zing,
Japan was doing
The very same thing.

Part of the History of Aviation sequence.

Their territory
Would extend far beyond
Their home countries
Forming a shield-like bond,

Protecting their capitals
–In fact, their whole nations–
From the airstrikes
From the Allied nations

The only way in
Was a full land assault,
An attack that would fail
From the axis air assault.

A lesson from the first World War.

A man named de Seversky
Studied his options,
Concluding they needed
A new strategic adoption.

The way to win,
He wrote in his book,
Was to bomb the Axis
Thieves and crooks,

But they couldn’t do that,
As their aircraft could fly
Only extremely
Short-distance flights,

de Seversky explains his reasoning.

So to remedy this problem,
The Allies would need
To build long-distance bombers
And to drop bombs like seeds.

Not on their newly-acquired
But right in their home
Country’s cities.

This tactic should stop them
Once and for all.
If adopted,
It would cause Germany’s fall.

A pretty bird nests in an obsolete cannon.

Walt Disney himself
Read de Seversky’s book,
And decided to film it
Despite what it took.

For an Allied victory,
And their prolonged health,
He decided to finance
The movie himself.

In part animation,
And partly live-action,
He passed on the message
To all the right factions.

The Nazis get shot at.

De Seversky, himself,
Appears onscreen
And explains to the audience
What he has foreseen.

To illustrate his talk
Disney’s talented staff
Animated his concepts
To drive the point along fast.

The result was a fascinating
Lecture that led
Note to defeat,
But to Victory instead.

Moving images illustrate important concepts.

The great Allied leaders
All watched this feature,
And it led them to strangling
The dark Axis. creature

In fact, were it not for
The new long-range bombers,
Japan would not have encountered
Their atomic bombers.

I’m giving this film
A four out of four
Because of the impact
It had on the war.

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