War For The Planet Of The Apes

War For The Planet of the Apes


Directed by Matt Reeves

Starring Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn

Rating: ******

The apes live in peace.

Small pockets of desperate human beings
Struggling to survive on limited means
Somehow can’t avoid encampments of apes,
Even if it means survival for their race.

A chimp can live maybe seventy-five
People years, give or take five,
And the world only had so many apes
Before they got smart and all escaped,

So with very few humans left at all,
The world should be bigger instead of so small,
So big that the apes and humans rarely should meet,
But what kind of entertainment would that be?

In this film, an army of aggressive men
Invade ape territory, then
They gun down Caesar’s only son,
And he seeks revenge for his little one.

How did an army of human beings
Speak up on a village of simian beings?
They had with them some simian slaves
Who turned in their brethren quickly that day.

The slaves once followed the evil ape, Koba.
Their master hated the humans, did Koba.
So why did his followers join up with these men
Who want nothing more than to go ape hunting again?

Perhaps they’re only slightly intelligent apes,
And immune to the virus that infected the apes.
Whatever the case, they are not treated well
By the army of men and their General.

An angry orange fella.

Cesar, incensed, wants to murder the men
And kill them and kill them all over again.
While he’s plotting his evil scheme,
His entire tribe is captured onscreen.

What will he do once he finds out?
You’ll just have to watch it to find out.
I’ve already revealed the score,
And I’ll tell you that it’s all worth waiting for.

Some people weren’t happy with the story
And felt that it should have been a far bigger story.
They felt cheated that the war
Was a very tiny, little war.

They wanted an Endgame from cape to cape
With battling armies of humans and apes,
A global war bigger than World War III.
We’d see apes in Portugal, Hungary,

Pakistan, Uruguay, Russia, Brazil…
From worldwide apes would be making their kill,
And the men would fight back with whatever they hold,
Be it mortars, Napalm, rocks or poles,

And only one species would dominate,
And rule the Planet of the Apes.
Do we really need to wonder who would win
When all that dust settles after the din?

Caesar is distraught.

Well, maybe not, but such a great war
Is surely one worth waiting for.
I think this movie is fine as it is.
I’ll give it a five like the previous twins.

This was a very good trilogy, very well done,
And you could tell that a lot of hard work you’ve been done.
The care and detail shows in each scene,
And I’m grateful that these are movies I’ve seen.

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