Weekend At Bernie’s II

Weekend At Bernie’s II

Directed by Robert Klane
Starring Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Kiser

Rating: ******

When I first heard there was a sequel
To a movie about a corpse
That was carried around as if ‘twas alive
In a premise a little warped,

The two young men, again.

My first thought was How?
I can gather the why.
The first must have profited,
Making revenue high.

In the last film, Bernie was freshly dead.
He was manhandled for two days at the most.
Can they really carry him around again?
Shouldn’t he now be a ghost?

Well…they made their sequel anyway.
Of course, it wasn’t as good,
But it didn’t become a box office bomb,
Despite expectations that it would.

Bernie undergoes a voodoo curse.

This time around, a voodoo spell
Is cast onto Bernie exceptionally well.
Now he’s able to walk, for the viewer’s pleasure,
As he leads the casters right to his treasure,
And just to show this isn’t common fodder,
They give him the ability to walk underwater.

Is it silly? Very much so.
Is it worth it? Very much so.
The same folks who enjoyed their last outing
Are not those critics who were fuming and pouting.
These films weren’t made to please everyone,
Which is why I’ll be giving it a three plus one.

Bernie walks underwater.

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