Weekend At Bernie’s

The two young men.

Weekend At Bernie’s

Directed by Ted Kotcheff
Starring Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Kiser

Rating: ******

At the tail end of the 80’s,
Weekend At Bernie’s was a comedy
That starred two then-unknowns
And went on to earn some renown.
It was a unique film with a premise most odd,
A delicate production that was somewhat roughshod.

A living Bernie.

Two young friends at a company
Win a trip to the beach for free.
They get to stay at their boss’ place,
A sizeable mansion that shows off his taste,
So off they go to soak up some sun
And revel and bask in their weekend fun.


Their boss Bernie is the first guy they meet,
And the poor fellow seems to be dead on his feet.
Their faces go slack as they realize
That their benefactor has just up and died.
Now their whole weekend will be a big waste,
And they dread the scrutiny they’ll face.

A dead Bernie.

They find cocaine in his pocket, and think that’s what did him in,
But the powder was not Bernie’s villain.
Instead, he was murdered by a Mafia goon,
And poor little Bernie was gone too soon.
They found him lounging on his couch, in his jacket and pants,
With a peaceful expression on his countenance.

The two men that found him felt really down,
Till they came up with a way to turn their fortune around.
Instead of wasting what could be the best weekend ever,
They’d spend the weekend with Bernie, and have fun like they’d never.
To ensure that no one saw he had met his demise,
They would keep him beside them at all times.

Bernie hosts a party.

Their idea was stupid, but gets lots of laughs
In this small, dark comedy with their low-key staff.
It’s a movie that could only be made on the cheap,
Not trying to please all in their theatre seats.
For the rest of the film, Bernie’s used like a prop,
And we see slapstick and silliness nonstop.

Is this everyone’s movie? Probably not,
But it could potentially give you some food for thought,
Or give you laughs in place of thinking,
While its makers keep forever winking.
It’s a wonderful way to spend 90 minutes,
And I’m giving it a 4.5 out of six.

Bernie’s corpse discovers that smoking can kill you.

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