Who Am I?

Who Am I?


Directed by Benny Chan and Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Michelle Ferre, Mirai Yamamoto, Ron Smerczak

Rating: ******

Jackie picks up a lion cub.

Jackie Chan falls from the sky,
Forgets who he is and asks “Who am I?”
To the natives he asks this becomes his new name,
And his peace of mind is never the same.

His fall has taken him down a peg,
And he recovers from his broken leg
In a tiny village in South Africa
On the dusty, dry plains of Africa.

His leg now healed, he feels free
To outrun a lion and climb a tree.
Later on he saves a driver
Who is bitten by a deadly Viper.

The driver’s gal, at first afraid,
Accept his offer of First Aid.
To ensure that the driver gets well.
She drives them to the hospital.

He saves a man’s life.

Once his character is defended,
Jackie Chan is apprehended.
No longer quite at ease,
He’s beaten by the authorities.

They keep on asking him who he is,
But he still doesn’t know who he is,
And finally, he’s had enough,
And shows these guys he’s plenty tough.

His hands handcuffed behind his back,
He manages to fight them back
Till he’s handcuffed hands are at his front
And he’s free to show us a spectacular stunt.

This is a stunt I hadn’t seen before.
That’s because no one had done it before.
Surely only the densest moron
Wood leap off a roof without holding on.

Still cuffed, he makes a coil of rope,
Brings it to his waist and goes for broke.
He rolls sideways off the roof,
Unwinding like a yo-yo down a story or two.

It has to be seen to be believed
And one wonders whether his innards were relieved
When he finally landed in one piece,
Dizzy, disoriented, but still in one piece.

That’s just during an early scene.
There’s plenty more to come onscreen.
The one and only Jackie Chan
Has a wooden shoes fight in Amsterdam,

Now he wants his memory back.

A perilous fight atop a rooftop,
And two-hundred foot slide or a two-hundred foot drop
Down a building forty-five degrees,
And he survived, if that’s to be believed.

This movie gets a five star rating.
I, for one, am not complaining.
It’s one of his better adventure flicks.
It’s one of my recommended picks.

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