Elora Danan meets Willow.



Directed by Ron Howard

Starring Warwick Davis, Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Jean Marsh, Billy Barty, Pat Roach

Rating: *******

When George Lucas had finished with Star Wars
And had the Raiders films nearly done,
He looked on bringing a new series to life,
One with fantasy, action and fun.

They needed something much more remarkable
Than the adventures of a duck named Howard,
So he started by writing a fantastic script
And then hiring director Ron Howard.

This film would differ from Star Wars and Raiders,
But still have a fantasy theme.
It would take place in a Medieval setting,
Yet look like it came from a dream.

The movie they made was called Willow,
And a masterpiece to this day it remains.
Neither Howard or Lucas would top it
When they would start on new projects again.

Willow smiles at his son.

A young Warwick Davis played the title role,
A poor farmer with a wife and two tots,
Who dreamed of becoming a sorcerer,
But believe in himself he did not.

A baby shows up in the river,
Floating on a raft made of reeds.
Willow’s family finds her,
And attends to all her needs.

Shortly thereafter, some animals,
Part large rat and part dog,
Run like wild through the village,
Searching for the baby in the bog.

The village warriors kill the intruders.
It really was no easy feat,
Since none of the village inhabitants
Are taller than three feet.

These people call themselves Nelwyns.
They are small and proud and defiant.
Though to us she would be a normal sized bub,
To them, the baby they found was a giant.

Willow takes her to the Village Elder
A sorcerer who’s a bit of a smarty.
He can turn a rock into a bird,
And is played by Billy Barty.

Madmartigan is the greatest swordsman who ever lived.

The Elder tells him to go on a trip
And take the little teeny,
Stopping only when they have reached
The very first Dikini.

The Dikini is their name
For a normal-sized human of age.
The very first one they meet is Madmartigan,
Who is locked in a cast-iron cage.

They eventually decide to release him,
And put the child into his care,
But they soon find themselves together again,
Outnumbered in stakes that aren’t fair.

The baby is the target.
She’s pursued by an evil witch,
Who commands a sizable army,
Since her magic made her rich.

Luckily, Madmartigan
Is an asset that continues to give,
For the very fact that he’s
The greatest swordsman who ever lived.

They have perilous adventures,
But come through in the end,
Partly through their persistence
To push ahead time and again.

On a technical level this movie is
Perfect with its flaws.
It’s a marvel of movie making,
Like the fantastic Wizard of Oz.

Behold the evil Bavmorda.

The breathtaking score by James Horner
Set the mood in every scene.
It complements the performances
Of the actors on the screen.

Great acting, great music, great special effects,
From the greats at ILM,
Mixed with Ron Howard’s superb direction
Give this film a formidable stem.

It’s the perfect family movie,
That has something for everyone.
I’m giving it at seven.
That’s a four and a two and a one.

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