Winners and Sinners

Winners and Sinners
(Lucky Stars # 1)

Directed by Sammo Hung
Starring Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan

Rating: ******

This action comedy is loaded with fun,
And stars Jackie Chan and his friend Sammo Hung.
Mr. Hung’s the director.
Who could be suited better?
And their brother Yuen Biao has a cameo done.

Jackie plays a policeman who makes lots of mistakes.
Sammo plays a burglar who finds homes in which to break.
Sammo gets caught
And to jail he’s brought
Where he meets all his fellow inmates.

All his new friends are crooks and thieves,
So he really fits in with them with ease.
When released they’re reformed
Like Christians reborn
And together from prison they leave.

They start up a business in a minivan.
They’ve all become cleaners with mops and dustpans.
They do really well
So they do mansions as well,
Some with people more crooked than them.

Jackie, meanwhile, is doing figure 8’s
As he’s showing off on roller skates.
At the rink there’s a strange
Rather crooked exchange
And someone makes off with a briefcase.

Jackie, being Jackie, skates after them quick
And when they get on a vehicle he performs a neat trick.
He holds onto cars
And under truckers
And the thieves fall as if hit by a brick.

As amazing as that was, there’s a big follow-up
It’s an incredible 50 car pileup.
There’s no time to halt
And it’s all Jackie’s fault.
He’s demoted down to a patrol cop.

Just before that amazing feat
Jackie and Sammo Hung meet.
It’s here that we’re told
That they’re both fighters bold,
And they show us some of their feats.

There is much interplay latched
In character development, natch.
These few funny men
Can be cruel and rotten.
Laughter cures like a nicotine patch.

They later find the satchel
That gets them into big trouble.
What’s inside ain’t great.
They’re counterfeit plates.
They’re naturally forced to do battle.

We’re treated to a series of fights
Well choreographed martial arts fights.
It’s wall to wall action
With nary inaction,
And everything turns out all right.

This movie always entertains.
All the way through, I’ll explain.
It has action and humour
And according to rumour
Sequels were attached like a train.

This is the best of all of those movies.
Though another one turned out quite well.
This film is awaiting
A five out of five rating,
One that shall never be quelled.

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